Marketing Consultants, Monumental Partners Limited adopted the Drews Avenue Primary School’s beautification project this Labour Day 2015. The day’s activities commenced at 8:00 am with members from the Monumental team, teachers from the school and community members out and about bright and early on a quest to beautify the learning environment.
The four integral areas for transformation looked at beautifying the school through a repainting project, a green area project, full campus cleanup and creating an undercroft area for kids. The implementation of an undercroft for students to have their first cafeteria-style area to enjoy their lunch was a favoured focus by the Drews Avenue Primary School’s principal that stated, “I am extremely grateful for the support and this much-needed contribution.”
Speaking to the scope of work undertaken, General Manager at Monumental Partners Mr. Christopher Goulbourne mentioned: “this labour day signifies a collective effort for our company, the community and school to demonstrate our commitment to taking care of our children, and the environment in which they learn.”
Councillor Patrick Roberts for the Molynes Gardens division came out to show support and had a hand in painting areas on the compound alongside a muscle force of 100 volunteers. Monumental brought out its top clientele as partners in the Labour Day initiative: Hardware & Lumber (Rapid True Value and AgroGrace), Derrimon Trading Company Limited, Cal’s Manufacturing, Nestle Jamaica, World Brands Services and Tastee Jamaica Limited.
In keeping with the national ‘Labour With Love’ theme the Army of One Charity through this years’ partners crafted and gifted care packages for all school staff members and community members who came out on the day to lend a hand.

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